How to keep your flowers lasting once you get them home

Flower Care Tips

Large vase of flowers on chair

Prepare the Vase

After choosing your favourite vase, half-fill it with lukewarm (not cold) water. If you want a structured display, you can use tape to criss-cross the top of the vase to support your flower placement.

Add vinegar and sugar

To preserve the life of your flowers, you can add a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar. The vinegar keeps the levels of bacteria (which can block the stems of your plants) down, while the sugar gives them energy to bloom. This is an eco-friendly version of the little packets you get from supermarket flowers, but without the chemicals.

Cut the stems at an angle

CUT THE STEMS AT AN ANGLE: This opens up the xylem (little tubes in the stems of plants) to allow water to travel to the petals and leaves. It is best to use secateurs or a knife to make your cuts as kitchen scissors may crush the stems. When you cut the stems, try to keave them one-and-a-half times the height of your vase.

Remove all leaves below the waterline

Leaves on stems below the waterline are prone to rotting,which encourages bacterial growth, so strip these off by running your fingers down the stem.


Take your time to enjoy arranging your flowers! Use different heights and mix up the focal flowers, fillers and foliage as you arrange so as to keep your vase looking well balanced. When you are done, take a step back to look at the overall effect. Taking a photo can also help you to check for balance - we'd love to see your work!


Change the water every 3 days (don't forget to add vinegar and sugar each time!) and trim a centimetre or so off the bottom of each stem. Remove any blooms that are past their best.